Guess what OnePlus will present at the time of Samsung Unpacked

A few hours ago, OnePlus posted on Instagram a video showing what appears to be a flip phone.

That’s quite surprising, since OnePlus wasn’t scheduled to make an announcement this week, let alone a folding smartphone.

In fact, OnePlus indicates in its post that it plans to reveal the mysterious device. at the same time as the Samsung Unpacked event starts, in which the company will present the new folding ​​Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy z Flip3.

What a coincidence of time! It certainly wasn’t on purpose!

OnePlus only shows a short video of what it plans to reveal. But based on the device’s design and form factor, it looks like OnePlus may be planning to release an accessory similar to LG’s dual-screen case. In reality, it wasn’t a folding phone, but a standard phone accompanied by a secondary screen.

This second screen was part of a box in which you could place your phone. And this gave the appearance of a collapsible smartphone, but it had the problem that there were two separate screens and, in addition, the second screen drained the phone’s battery. It’s not clear if this is exactly what OnePlus will present, but that’s what it looks like.

OnePlus loves to create fashion, as soon as no wonder you’re creating a big buzz around a new product that if it’s as successful as LG’s, it’s doomed to fail.

Time will tell whether consumers are so interested in what OnePlus has to say. It can be difficult to attract media attention on the same day that the biggest Android smartphone maker will unveil its new devices.

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