Guede: “The match against Las Palmas will be a nice show”

Pablo Guede predicts a nice meeting this Friday between Las Palmas and Malaga. This was stated this afternoon at the press conference prior to the clash, in which he praised the potential of the Canarian team: “It will be a game like any other, complicated. Las Palmas develops a very good game in attackIt is not an easy game. We are going to try to continue in our line of competing against whoever touches us. It’s going to be a nice match for the spectator, but not so much for us because they’re going to come to us. The two teams are going to look for the rival goal all the time. I hope it’s a nice show”.

Aspects to watch out for in Las Palmas: “You have to be careful with everything, with all five senses throughout the match. They have very unbalanced players who seem to be missing and end up appearing. Tomorrow’s game depends a lot on concentration”.

System: “We have to decide whether to defend three or four. We have the loss due to suspension of Luis Muñoz, who I saw very well this week. I haven’t decided the team 100% yet.”

Genaro as central: “It wasn’t a patch, I try to avoid them. Genaro plays central and holding. We had him training in line with four or three central defenders. I have not decided where he is going to play.”

Arbitration before Eibar: “I’m not talking about the referees. We were very good the other day. In the end, justice was done in the play that Luis was thrown (the referee, via VAR, called Llorente’s previous foul and canceled the goal against Eibar). They are very correct with the referee, we did not even touch the subject. I don’t give him more importance than he has, he is the one in charge, the one who blows the whistle and cannot turn around a decision he makes”.

If Málaga wins, it will put a lot of pressure on those below: “If you play first and win, it’s great. If you don’t win, you motivate others. Last week we played on Saturday and this week we open. It’s not important, I don’t think about it much”.

Improvement of the team after his arrival: “In such a short time I focused on two or three fundamental aspects to save us from relegation, such as intensity and looking for the rival area. Now we have to go little by little. The things we do well must continue to be done, insist and improve on that”.

State of Adrian Lopez: “It was a muscle injury and it is taking it. One day you can be good and another bad. He’s recovering and let’s see if we can count on him for one of the remaining games, but calmly”.

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Chavarria: “I see Chavarría very well, I’m going to take him summoned. He deserves the prize of coming, I don’t think he can put it. But he does come with the group and be with his teammates. And since he keeps working, that’s what he has to do”.

Balance after his first three games: “The team is in the line that I wanted. The first thing I raised was the intensity, never give up or give anything up. That’s it, from there it’s where we have to grow little by little. Then I focused on offensive and we managed to be solid defensively. In a certain way, we handcuffed the rival to make it difficult for them to arrive. We have to improve, do things well. We have to remain convinced, look for the rival area. It is the path we are taking and we will see if we it is going well”.

A win would be key to salvation: “If we win and the others lose, we are not saved. I’m not going to move from the fact that we have to play the game, compete in the best possible way. If we win it would be a tremendous joy, if we tie it would be fine and if we lose it would be bad. We can’t throw the bells on the fly if we win.”

Option for the affiliates to go down to Malagueño to fight for promotion: “Next week is a long way from me. I neither thought nor did they ask me that they can lower players to the subsidiary. I would be delighted to help the subsidiary, we are all Málaga. What we are not going to do is stay with one less player. Last week we reduced three so they could have training before the important game against Jaén. I’m always ready to help Malagueño”.

His visit to the subsidiary before the last game: “Funes (Malagueño coach) has had his doors open since I arrived. It’s not the first time. We went with the captain to the Federation to talk to the boys. It is not the subsidiary and the first team, it is Málaga. The closer we are, the better. The other day I told Duda to take Luis Muñoz to play a game at the Federation. My doors are open to all coaches. I like that the people of the club worry about what happens up there”.

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