Gudelj and Bono give the first victory to Sevilla de Sampaoli

Gudelj made the most of the Sevilla team’s only shot on goal. Mallorca players, especially their strikers, will dream of Bono for several days. The Sevilla goalkeeper was providential in his team’s victory.

Abdón needed five minutes to almost get Visit Mallorca not to remember Muriqi, but he stayed in an attempt because of Bono. The Sevilla goalkeeper seemed to be the only visiting player who came out focused. His two spectacular hands against Abdon kept his team alive.

After the initial rush of Aguirre’s men, the match was balanced in terms of control of the ball. Sampaoli’s Sevilla tried to generate more play, but were unable to shoot on goal. Rajkovic had to come out of his goal to clear a ball of fists, a cross into the box. That was the only performance from him before the break.

While Mallorca insisted on looking for the right wing with Maffeo, which had the collaboration of Kang-In, Antonio Sánchez or Galarreta, depending on the occasion. But it did not translate into real danger on the Sevilla goal. Thus came the break.

Sampaoli forced the substitution tree to move in the locker room before the start of the second half. Jesús Navas, injured, ended up on the bench with ice on his leg and left his place for Carmona. At first, the game did not notice the novelty and Sevilla still did not shoot on goal until the 52nd minute. In an unexpected move, Gudelj took the ball in three quarters of the vermilion field and a missile was launched at Rajkovic’s goalkeeper who was surprised and could only watch as the ball went into the net. Maximum efficiency of those of Sampaoli up to that moment. One shot on goal, one goal.

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After this jug of cold water, Aguirre looked for solutions and was about to achieve a tie. The departure of Ángel, Lago Junior and Amath gave new strength to the vermilion, but they found the same wall: Bono. The clearest was in the 85th minute, Lago Junior turned his back on the defense and gave the ball to Ángel, but the Canarian could not get past the Sevilla goalkeeper who once again saved his team, to the despair of the Majorcan fans. With this result, the end of the game was reached, which allowed Sevilla to add their first victory after their return, while Mallorca failed to add in the first test without Muriqi.


Jose Angel Carmona (45′, Jesus Navas), Angel Rodriguez (56′, Abdon Prats), dani rodriguez (56′, Iddrisu Baba), Amath Ndiaye (66′, Lee Kang-In), junior lake (66′, Antonio Sanchez), Marcos Acuna (66′, Alex Telles), papu gomez (66′, Isco), Rodrigo Battaglia (78′, Tuft), Youssef En-Nesyri (78′, Erik Lamela), Suso (83′, Oliver Torres)


Referee: Javier Iglesias Villanueva
VAR Referee: David Medié Jiménez, Roberto Díaz Pérez del Palomar
Montiel (27′, Yellow) Marcao (34′, Yellow) Ruiz de Galarreta (35′, Yellow) lick it (45′, Yellow) Dani (94′, Yellow)

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