Guava and ESCAPA reach an exclusive collaboration agreement in Spain

ESCAPA, a leading bicycle distribution company in Spain, and Guava Bikes have reached a collaboration agreement that will mean the exclusive sale of Guava gravel bikes in ESCAPA stores present throughout the national territory.

A strategic alliance to offer the cycling community a unique and innovative product and brand experience, in a segment such as gravel there is still a long way to go to explore. The agreement includes the joint development of value-added actions for customers of both brands, Focused above all on the cycling experience.

In this sense, in addition to having Guava bicycles in ESCAPA stores, both brands are going to carry out joint actions designed for the entire cycling community, among which there will be:

events. Joint design and development of gravel events made by Guava-ESCAPA.

Owners club. All Guava-ESCAPA clients will be part of the Guava Club-House, located in Vallvidrera (Barcelona), with events and personalized assistance specially designed for them.

Co-marketing actions. Both brands will work together with their influencers and ambassadors to publicize the segment and practice of gravel through technical workshops, group outings, cycling trips… among others. Guava has the footballers Andrés Iniesta and Bojan Krkic as its main ambassadors.

The CEO of Guava, David Alvarez, has stated that “This agreement represents a leap forward for the brand. We are happy to have found a partner with whom we share a vision and focus on improving the overall cyclist experience”.

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