Guaranteed physical distance with this Christmas sweater

A society American security created a sweater Christmas designed to combat the spread of Covid-19 through physical distance. The high-tech clothing designed by SimpliSafe is equipped with an alert device that is triggered when a person is less than 1.80 meters from the wearer. The system has sensors that detect movement, explains The Independent.

“What if SimpliSafe could protect your holiday season, how does it protect your home? “Asks the company in the video posted on YouTube on Monday to present the product. This is only a prototype for now and therefore has not yet been commercialized. However, some copies of the round neck sweater without the motion detection device have been distributed.

A strident beep in case of reconciliation

SimpliSafe intends to encourage its customers to request the sensors and diodes of the detection system on its website. A notice explaining how to install it on clothing is made available to most DIY volunteers. The images in the promotion clip show how the blue and white sweater with small locks works and the name of the company that makes it.

The ten diodes attached to the wool sweater start to flash when an individual approaches the user to try to hug him. A shrill sound signal sounds simultaneously. “The holidays have arrived … But unfortunately, the pandemic too,” says the voice over.

“As security experts, even when it comes to home security, we wanted to offer people a fun way to protect themselves during the holidays,” says SimpliSafe’s creative director, Wade Devers. It is really done to bring a little lightness in these times that are otherwise quite stressful”.

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