Grupo Vimenca announces the appointment of its new president

Grupo Vimenca reported the appointment of Víctor Virgilio Méndez Saba as its new president. Méndez Saba has been part of this important business group since its inception, demonstrating professionalism and a firm commitment to the development and success of its companies.

? As president, Méndez Saba will lead the group’s strategies and operations, working closely with the different corporate governance bodies, senior management, team leaders and collaborators to continue driving growth and innovation throughout the organization.

Méndez Saba has an extensive business career and vast experience accumulated in his more than 40 uninterrupted years of professional practice. Before his appointment as president of the group, he played important roles within the Boards of Directors and Senior Management in the companies that comprise it. Similarly, he occupies an important role on the Board of Directors at Visanet Dominicana and on the Board of Cedimat.

The Vimenca Group is mainly made up of Banco Vimenca, Remittances Vimenca, Vimenpaq, Data Vimenca and PagaTodo. With more than 2,300 employees, nationwide coverage of its different services, more than 300 Remittance offices, 13 Bank offices, more than 1,200 PagaTodo post offices and more than 120 Vimenpaq offices.

? Méndez Saba assumes the leadership of the group in this new era of growth and consolidation. His vast experience, dedication and commitment guarantee the achievement of strategic objectives, with the firm purpose of continuing to strengthen the organization for the benefit of its shareholders, clients, collaborators and the entire Dominican society.

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