Grupo SID presents Montesino’s book “I am the voice that cries out in the desert”

As part of its cultural commitment and with the historical legacy of the Dominican Republic, Grupo SID presented the book “Montesino: Ego Vox Clamantis in Deserto”, from the authorship of Maria Teresa Ruiz de Catrainwithin the framework of the 10th Anniversary of Central America Counts, which immerses us in a deep reflection on our history and our commitment to the country.

The author highlights the essence of this book as “A voice that transcends races, creeds and cultures and calls for freedom through justice… conceived as a polyphony; five voices to count: First, the narration; which has as its leitmotif, the eternal philosophical concerns of humanity; The reason for our existence; the continuous search for answers to existence and to tomorrow; that is to say, the raison d’être of life and the uncertainty of after death.

This book highlights the important role that our country has played in the history of human rightswith a journey through the paths that have built the past and present of humanity that today is known as a literary contribution to society.

The work “Montesino: Ego Vox Clamantis In Deserto” is the result of an arduous research work that is consolidated with the literary prose of the historian Ruíz de Catrain and the lens of the photographer of Pedro Álvarez.

Delivering the event’s keynote speech, Ligia Bonetti Du-Breil, CEO of the conglomerate of companies, stated: “For Grupo SID it is a great honor to bring to light this work that fills us with pride and commitment, recognizing the rigorous academic and historical work of its well as the passion and fluidity that he reflects in his narrative that invites us to walk through the faith and reason of the great men of the past and present of the Order of Preachers who so graciously receive us today.”

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“May this voice, like a song of hope, be that light that drives us to train the next generations, so that they can continue on the path and hoist the commitment of the tricolor flag and, in case justice is absent, raise their voice clear and powerful claiming their rights so that the future of this nation is a dawn of dreams come true and of new conquests to be achieved in the name of humanity”, highlighted Ligia Bonetti.

With this release, Grupo SID aims to create well-being by making historical and cultural contributions that transcend bordersserving the country, in the search for a more just society, commemorating the pride of our present and the reaffirmation of its commitment to tomorrow inspired by the legacy of Fray Antonio de Montesino and the Order of Preachers.

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