Now his business is elsewhere, on the American IndyCar circuits, but Grosjean he competed for ten seasons in Formula 1 and one does not forget just like that the king sport of motorsports. The Frenchman took advantage of the World Cup visit to Miami to visit the paddock and to all the acquaintances that he still has in it, in addition to enjoying the first race in the Florida circuit. Because he declares himself a fan of this new F1, so much so that he would be willing to return, yes, not to any team…

“They’ve done a good job. Honestly, I didn’t know if it was going to work or not before I saw it on the track. I think the racing is exciting. The cars can be followed a lot more and that’s definitely what we wanted to see, so they have done a good job. I watch all the races. I am a fan”, says Romain about the new rules at ‘’, and adds: “Do I want to come back? No, not unless I get the opportunity to be at Red Bull, Mercedes or Ferrari, but I love to see it.”

Aim high, similar to how his former Haas teammate Magnussen did before heeding the call of the Americans again. But Grosjean says no, he wouldn’t go back to Haas: “Sometimes I talk to Gunther. I sent him a message to congratulate him on the job they’ve done, but otherwise I’m very happy where I am now. I want to win races. A lot of people ask me if I would love to go back to Haas, and they do a good job, but I want to have the chance to win a race every weekend.”

grateful to be alive

The Bahrain 2020 accident is as indelible in the Frenchman’s memory as the scars left by the burns on his hands, which is why he says that “life is a little nicer since then”: “I shouldn’t be here, so every day is a bonus. I’m happy and grateful to be alive.” That’s why he enjoys IndyCar so much, despite the criticism he receives from other drivers for his aggressive driving, but “the rewards are much greater than the risks.” “It’s not easy for my wife, but she accepts it. She watches the races and embraces how great IndyCar is, how much the fans love me and how much I love it too.”


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