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Grimau stops NBA commitment at FC Barcelona: He has a gem in the squad

The Barcelona boss doesn’t stop working on the 2023-24 squad he will use to defend the ACB title and in this season’s other competitions, where he has ruled out the possibility of signing players from the United States .

The pre-season is about to start and Roger Grimau, recently signed as coach FC Barcelona Basketballfinal details of your template. The main goal of Sarūnas Jasikevicius’ squadron is to defend the ACB title and then do a great job in the Euroleague. In order to achieve that, the Catalan boss needs to put together a reasonably competitive side with the budget available.

The economic situation of the basketball team is not alien to that of football, and it has very distinct financial limitations. This means that there will be no high-wage signings, at least this season. But there is a fundamental reason why Grimau will not ask for players from the United States (NBA) and other competitive leagues in Europe.

Grimau Barcelona
With Michael Caicedo on his roster, Grimau feels he shouldn’t make any big signings, certainly not from the NBA.

With Caicedo in the squad, Roger Grimau is confident that FC Barcelona will be the protagonist this season

At this year’s winter market is the almost 2 meter tall guard, we’re talking about Michael Caicedo, on loan to the Fundación CB Granada. Midway through the season, he showed what he’d learned at the Culé academy and Nasrid coach Pablo Pin couldn’t have been happier. Unfortunately for the Granadinista team, the loan ended and the 20-year-old returned to his side as property.

The manager is already in the Grimau squad and feels very calm because if the shooting guard repeats the performance shown in Granada he will have part of his insured system. At 20 years old, the Balearic-born man has a fairly high level of achievement and the likelihood that he will continue to improve his qualities and become a key element not only for Barcelona but also for the Spanish national team.

Caicedo’s return prompted Grimau to halt two NBA signings already en route to FC Barcelona

Specifically, the return of the Balearics coach meant the Catalan boss will not approve the signing of two players who almost kept their word. The first of them was Terrence Ross, who plays in the same position as the Spaniard but has more pronounced offensive qualities. His current club, the Phoenix Suns, were willing to strike a deal with the Catalan side to let the 32-year-old basketball player go.

The other newcomer from the top basketball league in the world was 6-foot-1 point guard Bryn Forbes. After the end of the regular season, the player agreed to a contract termination with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Because of this, he was already ready to go to Spain and join FC Barcelona, ​​but Grimau has dropped out of the company.

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