Home Sports Grimaldo again gives reasons not to forget him

Grimaldo again gives reasons not to forget him

Grimaldo again gives reasons not to forget him

Alejandro Grimaldo also has a lot to talk about in his new phase at Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen. After many years at a high level in Portugal, the La Masia-trained full-back has found his feet in the Bundesliga. Last night he showed it with a memorable performance against Bayern Munich.

In what was Xabi Alonso’s first test With a rival to beat in the league, the former Azulgrana wanted to give him a “little help” in the form of a great goal. With the score 1-0, Grimaldo prepared for a free kick centrally on the edge of Bayern’s penalty area. His left-footed shot flew straight into the top corner with a devilish parabola. An authentic work of art.

Grimaldo got us used to actions like yesterday, but this was his first signing since becoming a Bayer Leverkusen player. The German team decided on him and took him on for freewhich is an incredibly beneficial process for both parties.

The Valencian, the He left La Masia in 2016 to join Benficaface yours 27 years A challenge at the highest level in the Bundesliga in an exciting project. The sentence of Xabi Alonso Characteristic, attacking and spectator-friendly football is played, which will also compete in the Europa League this season.

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