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Griezmann’s dependency suffocates Simeone against Athletic

The loss of Griezmann was a real headache for Simeone, who doesn’t know how to rebuild the team in his absence.

Atlético de Madrid faces its biggest challenge of the season without its leading man. Something that keeps Simeone on his toes. Cholo knows that Griezmann is the team’s reference player and cannot find a way to replace him. In principle, Correa will take his place, but the Argentine is not confident without the Frenchman.

And Griezmann is Colchonero’s top scorer. He is Atlético de Madrid’s most decisive footballer And it is a very difficult setback for the team to cope with. Simeone knows the plan cannot be the same without the Frenchman. Therefore, he is aware that resources are more limited. Especially in a game where the club needs to reach the final to save the season.

Simeone Griezmann
Simeone doesn’t know who Griezmann’s successor will be – (c) Photo: GOL digital

Simeone doesn’t know how to replace Griezmann

The Argentine coach has tried to change the system to protect the team and give it more attacking power. It must be taken into account that Simeone’s men are facing a game in which they must attack. An attack without Griezmann. The player is the one who holds the team’s offensive reins. Playing with two strikers may not be enough to survive the tie.

It becomes even more difficult when there is a team at the top whose main weapon is attack. Brothers Williams and Sancet are a constant threat to the rival. Therefore, leaving space in defense is a risk that must be taken and a context in which the red and white team does not feel comfortable.

Possible system change

Basically, the Albiceleste coach will continue to focus on playing with the wingers. However, having to score two goals may not be enough.. It is possible that the Basque team will score a goal in the game. Therefore, Cholo’s consideration is to score two or three points. So giving the two brothers a chance is a very risky task.

If the game requires more attack power, the system will be changed. Wingers like Lemar can come in. He took advantage of Morata’s height to place crosses and target midfielders coming from behind. The red and white team will try not to fall apart. However, when the game gets crazy, it can happen.

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