Griezmann’s arrival at Atlético it was a surprise because, among other reasons, his position seemed well covered with João Félix and Correa. The competition promised to skyrocket, with the Portuguese still recovering from the ankle operation and the Argentine, full and with very good statistics. Now, the first picks up the tone and already shone against Barça and the second is a little off. After being the best of August, Correa has slowed down, partly driven by circumstances. Simeone has more homework out there.

Ángel Correa started the League like a shot, just as the previous one ended for which it was decisive and which closed with the already historic goal of pinpoint. With hardly any preseason, the coach trusted him to be the ram at the start of this season and the Argentine replied: double against Celta and goal against Elche. A streak of eight goals in the ten games following Betis (April 11), that night in which Cholo consoled him with a paternal hug after missing two clear occasions. Then he gave an assist against Villarreal, the national team stopped and, on the return, he was already Griezmann in the dressing room.

Photo by Griezmann

Among the fans and possibly in the head of Cholo it was opened the debate between the most obvious meritocracy, represented by Correa, and the stripes of the star signing, Griezmann. The first plan, at Espanyol’s home, was to bring together the two with Luis Suárez and it didn’t work. In the following six games, Correa has been a starter in three and a substitute in as many. AND In 368 minutes he has not added any goals or assists. Griezmann, who has also alternated the eleven and the bench (351 ‘), only has somewhat, the volley of San Siro.

The compatibility of Griezmann, Correa, João, Suárez …

The presence of the French has affected Correa, exactly the same as in the previous stage, when on the 10th he was relocated to the right wing from 4-4-2. With the departure of Antoine and over time, the Argentine managed to shake off that label of a revulsive and second-half footballer and even had surpassed João Félix in Cholo’s preferences en route to the league title. Now, despite starting with an A, it is not much less titular. In his favor he plays that he can act at the top and enter the rotation with a Suárez who will take breaths, because João Félix and Griezmann will make the position very expensive second end. Also that you can always count on him, because he hardly gets injured.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Ahead come appointments in which Simeone will need his most talented footballers inspired. The most imminent, the visits to the Metropolitan of Liverpool and Real Sociedad, the leader of the Premier and one of the co-leaders of LaLiga. strap, who these days works with Argentina, knows that he has another challenge ahead, like so many that he has already overcome since he dressed as a rojiblanco. And if it does like last season, after a gray stretch and droughts, there will come another one of bonanza, dribbling and goals.


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