Home Sports Grenache: "I feel Argentine and I want to play the World Cup"

Grenache: "I feel Argentine and I want to play the World Cup"

Grenache: "I feel Argentine and I want to play the World Cup"

Alexander Garnacho, one of the youngsters recently incorporated into the squad of the national team, stated that he feels Argentinian despite being born in Spain and that his wish is to play for the world champions in the imminent FIFA double date this month.

“I feel Argentine. You don’t have to play all three games. It does not matter. I want to play for Argentina and if it is not now, it will happen“, said the Manchester United striker in an interview with TyC Sports from the team’s concentration in Beijing.

Born in Spain but with Argentine roots through his mother, Patricia, Garnacho, barely 18 years old, said that His “mother and her entire family are Argentine and due to life circumstances she went to live in Spain and met my father.” The striker, who due to an injury could not participate in the friendly window in March, was only now able to join the senior team led by Lionel Scaloni for the first time.

“I want to be part of the group and participate in the Copa América and also the World Cup,” wished Garnacho who also regretted United’s decision not to let him play the Under 20 World Cup in Argentina. “I asked them please but they told me I couldn’t. I also followed him from Manchester,” he said.

“The World Cup in Qatar was incredible, crazy. Argentina and ‘Leo’ (Messi) deserved it,” considered “Ale”, as his new teammates call him. “My teammates received me well, they encourage me and support me. I didn’t talk much with Messi, it’s incredible to have him around, it seems that he’s not real”recounted the youth with undisguised admiration for the captain of the Argentine national team.

“From what I read on the networks, I know that many people love me and appreciate me, but I also know that others do not. I understand. Simply for the decision I made to play for Argentina most love me and i’m thankful for that. I’m going to return that love in the field“, said Garnacho who added that” I did not speak with Scaloni before coming here. I was talking with Roberto Ayala quite a lot. So he knew before the list that he was going to be there.”

“The coach – continued Garnacho – asked me if I was nervous and I told him that I don’t get nervous when I play and he told me that he was going to try to give me the chance to play”, completed the left winger who hopes to add his first minutes with Argentina in next Thursday’s friendly against Australia in China.

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