Home Sports Greenwood’s new life in “exile” from Getafe

Greenwood’s new life in “exile” from Getafe

Greenwood's new life in “exile” from Getafe

Sometimes football seems like a sphere that you can enter and forget everything that is happening around you. Something like that happened Mason Greenwood, a footballer of undeniable talent who was separated from Manchester United for attempted rape, assault and controlling behavior towards his partner. Although the judicial system closed the investigation due to the “withdrawal of key witnesses” and the emergence of new material that led to the stay of the trial and the dismissal of the charges, the “Red Devils” fans never wanted him at the club.

A second chance?

His image was terribly damaged and there was no way he could continue in the Premier League. ruled out of returning to Gareth Southgate’s England squad and without even being able to travel to Saudi Arabia. However, In Getafe the situation was completely different. A few months ago he couldn’t have imagined ending up in the Colosseum.

Since announcing his signing, a surprising move given the difference in level between the two clubs, the Madrid club opened its arms to him and celebrated his incorporation as that of a “Galactico”. This situation He caused great controversy in Manchester, where they never accepted his return to the playing fields and went out of their way to boycott his return to football.

In fact, the Daily Mail reported a few days ago, In just two weeks, the United footballer has sold more shirts with his name on them than in the entire history of any other Getafe player. Greenwood’s football dimension, with all the legal chaos that entails, is one of the Old Trafford factory’s brightest talents in recent years. So from a purely footballing perspective, having the English striker is a blessing for Getafe.

Cries of “Die Greenwood”

The Osasuna fans When they were moved to the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, they sided with those who don’t even want to see Greenwood in paintings and dedicated these unpleasant songs to the English footballer. Jagoba Arrasate was asked about this situation at a press conference and replied whether the shouts of “P*** Osasuna” had not been heard.. One made of lime and one made of sand.

On the other hand, José Bordalas had to correct his words in a press conference in which he said Greenwood signed for Getafe because he spoke to Bellingham. “You made it clear to me that that wasn’t the case,” the coach of the blue team clarified. Although the Englishman played just over fifteen minutes against Osasuna, some fans have already dared to ask him to start the next matchday.

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