Greenland 2: Gerard Butler back as a survivor of the apocalypse

Released in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic during the summer of 2020, Greenland is a film by Ric Roman Waugh with Gerard Butler And Morena Baccarin in the main roles. The film told the story of a prosperous American family who must survive the approach of an asteroid about to crash into the Earth. Critics were pretty enthusiastic about the film with nearly 78% positive reviews on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Some will have found the anti-spectacular side of the film harmful, with a small budget of $35 million (which is very little for a disaster film). Taking into account the film’s box office performance and sales in SVOD, STX was able to collect profits estimated between 60 and 80 million dollars.

A fine performance, however, not to be overestimated since, we remind you, Greenland was in cinemas and television screens at a time not so long ago when no more large-scale feature films were released on the international scene, for fear that the public sulked the rooms.

In any case, Greenland will be entitled to a second film entitled Migrationand centered on the fate of the family of Gerard Butler beyond the events of the first feature film. STX endowed the suite with a solid budget of 65 million.

Greenland © STX
Greenland © STX

In a long interview with Collider, Ric Roman Waugh distilled some outlines of the continuation of his Greenland: Migration. Here are a few pieces:

“It will be about who survived and how did they rebuild the land when everything was completely burnt down. So it’s a nice way to give you a conclusion of the Garritys and where they’re going. So, do you call this a sequel? Yes, but for me it’s more the last chapter of what this story has to say. »

The feature film will be set years later in a devastated land, where the family Garrity had to hole up in underground bunkers to survive.

“It’s 5 to 7 years later. Enough, what was very true about the last extinction event was that there was so much toxicity in the atmosphere that no one could live above ground for any length of time. There were still fires and there were all kinds of things going on, ashes, you couldn’t breathe. »

The sequel will also look at human nature – i.e. how man has been able to stay underground for so long and what impact this will have on mental health:

“So we took the science and let a number of years pass where you realize that these people have been imprisoned underground. What does it do to the human psyche? How does that help when you go into migration mode and try to find new places to survive and go through all that trauma? A little boy who was eight years old, or seven years old, who is now 13 or 14 years old, what is his life as a teenager when he has known nothing but cement walls and underground? These are the things we want to play with. So we feel like time has passed underground, it’s factual of what happened, but it also helps us with the story. »

Greenland: Migration should thus explore a side that many disaster films have only sketched so far: the stage of reconstruction and migration, far from the different climaxes of destruction of the first opus. For the moment, no release date has yet been indicated.

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