“Green ISF”: “It is not a question of making new taxes”, declares Elisabeth Borne, unfavorable to the creation of this tax

During her trip on Friday May 26 to the National Forest Park in Côte d’Or for the Nature Festival, Elisabeth Borne gave an interview to our colleagues from French Culture. Asked about the creation of a “green ISF”, in connection with the report by economist Jean Pisani-Ferry, commissioned by her to assess the economic impacts of the ecological transition in France, the Prime Minister replied that yes, “you have to speed up“the ecological transition and that”it goes through different measures“. Elisabeth Borne concedes it, “obviously more funding will be needed“. How much? The Prime Minister “is in the process of quantifying the additional needs” but “there will be budget increases in the budget bill for 2024“.

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Elisabeth Borne returned to the recommendation to tax the financial assets of the wealthiest via a “ISF green“: “In France, we have probably the highest compulsory levy rate in the world. It’s not about making new taxes“, thus closing the door to measure. On the other hand, she decides to “redirect our resources, our funding, in favor of the ecological transition“. To do this, Elisabeth Borne claims to have “asked each minister to look in his budget to release 5% which can be redeployed precisely for the benefit of the ecological transition“.

The Pisani-Ferry report, presented on Monday May 22, affirms in particular that the transition to a low-carbon economy requires massive investments and cannot succeed without helping households and increasing public debt. The report mentions the figure of an additional 66 billion euros per year for the energy transition. He also recommends taxing the financial assets of the wealthiest via a “green ISF”.

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