Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers flirts with NFL retirement

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers flirts with NFL retirement

After the defeat of the Green Bay Packers by score 20-16 against the detroit lions in it Lambeau Field and with it its removal from the playoffs of the nfla comment from the quarterback Aaron Rodgers drew great attention.

At the end of the game the wide receiver of the Lions, jameson williamsasked the Packers number 12 for the jersey, to which he replied: “I want to keep this one”.

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Also during the press conference, the 39-year-old quarterback, He admitted to being undecided about his future plans in sportsraising the question about a possible withdrawal.

“It might be time to walk away. But I could take some time and say, ‘Hell, of course not, man! I have to go back out there and do another race.’ But I’ll have to see how I feel once I get away from it,” said Aaron Rodgers.

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Rodgers could step aside if mutually agreed

He was also asked if he would consider playing for another team in the nfl but he tried to evade the question and replied:

I will not hold them hostage. I understand that we are still in January here. In March is free agencyso I just need some time to get the emotion out of me and then figure out what’s best. I think there has to be a mutual agreement for both partiesRodgers continued.

On the other hand it was said satisfied with what he has achieved in Green Bay.

I feel good about what I have achieved in this league and I would have no regrets if I walk awayRodgers finished.

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Aaron Rodgers restructured his contract in March of last year and the following season he will earn around 60 million dollars that are guaranteed; he would be a free agent in 2025.

those of Green Bay They had the opportunity to advance to the playoffs in your hands; Well, it was enough for them to win to qualify, the outcome of this story we already know.


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