Green and the limits of the dynasty

doAnd if, in reality, it is a matter of money? Because everything, finally, could always be a question of money. And what it implies: status, power: respect. There are a few ways, euphemisms or not, to express it in sport. The old I want to feel valuedfor instance. DemonsIf anyone knows that it’s all about money, it’s the Warriors. The group led by Joe Lacob bought the franchise in 2010 for $450 million. Today, it is valued at almost 6,000 million. The 2022 ring, the fourth in eight years after 40 years of drought, cost some 360 ​​million in staff, between salaries and luxury tax. A science fiction record that made other owners scream in heaven. The franchise, and not out of romance, returned to San Francisco and its populous downtown from Oakland. He invested more than 1,000 million in a new pavilion-mothership: the Chase Center. He spent and spent to enter and enter and spend and spend and thus continue entering and entering… The concept is already understood: money.

When word got out that Draymond Green had assaulted Jordan Poole in practice, the Warriors tried to fix it. to the Warriors, with that internal management that lengthens his dynasty by putting out any fire… as long as Kevin Durant does not carry the torch. Quick meetings, face to face and as private as possible. A coordinated and tempered message. And, in those, the video of the assault on TMZ. A scene worse than expected, worse than aired. A shocking, deeply violent reaction from Green. So much so that it allows us to question whether the NBA is not going to intervene beyond the team’s internal codes. And so much so that, above all, it allows us to consider how much damage it does to that almost alchemical mixture that keeps everything going: Andre Iguodala’s brains, Stephen Curry’s happy leadership, Klay Thompson’s air lane, Steve Kerr’s persuasive psychology… and Draymond Green’s Russian roulette. For better and for worse.

Green is a player who too often seems out of control, who lives on the edge of a wire with sanity on one side and deeper chaos on the other, inches away. It drives opponents crazy and brings out the best in a unique competitor and legendary defender. But it also forces everyone in the Warriors, Curry and Kerr at the helm, to be prepared to manage the emotional percussion of a player who, at 32 years old and after 10 years in the franchise, has left behind any propitious moment for change. The Warriors squeeze what favors them from Green’s character, overcome what irritates them and cross themselves so that the former weighs more than the latter. That, after all, is in charge of a Curry who at no time has stopped wanting Green by his side and who does not conceive of the Warriors, his Warriorswithout him big three that the two form with Klay Thompson. curry, the sun kingHe has four more years on his contract.

General manager Bob Myers, is information that comes from the Bay, told Green that “you are better than this”. Later, in public, she said that it was possible “hating what Green had done but loving Green”. and that the player he always ended up recovering the support and trust of his colleagues and that this was, no more and no less, his obligation now. Kerr was disappointed without saying he was, and Curry has spent his days with a sewing needle in the corridors: office talk, hallway talk, talk to show unconditional support for Poole, and talk to ask Green what the hell. was going through his head. Green has done many, always the limit. He has had serious problems with Kerr, he had that little matter of the sanction in the 2016 Finals and was as much a participant in the signing of Kevin Durant as he was responsible for the bitter soap opera that ended with the departure of the forward. A case that later, without much courtesy, he blamed the managers of his team. those who, moneyIn 2019, they gave him a maximum extension of four years and 100 million dollars.

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Let’s follow the money trail. Having won the 2022 ring, the Warriors faced a summer of decisions. Spending everything they had to spend to retain the championship team and keep everyone happy meant a roster (salaries + tax) of more than $500 million. Something that neither they, nor they!, were going to spend. Much loved players in the locker room and very important in the rotation like Gary Payton Jr and Otto Porter left for money. And four possible extensions were pending: Klay Thompson (32 years old) was not going to negotiate his with two years and almost 84 million to collect. After more than two and a half years out due to two very serious injuries, the extraordinary shooting guard took 106.1 million for 32 regular season games played between 2019 and the summer of 2022. Andrew Wiggins (27 years old) not only cleaned his name in the Bay but was crucial in the course towards the title, decisive in the Finals against the Celtics. He only has one year left on his contract (33.6 million) and, for now, any. Green (32) is two years old and has more than 53 million insured. but also a player option 27.5 for the 2023-24 season. I mean, he can be a free agent next summer. And Jordan Poole (23) had a fantastic season in which he showed tremendous potential as an attacking player. He still hasn’t cashed in and he has a year left rookie contract for 3.9 million. If he doesn’t sign an extension by Oct. 18, he’ll be a restricted free agent in the summer.

Of those four cases, the two most tense were and are those of Green and Poole. And the information that has come from within the franchise pointed out that if only one of the extensions was done, it would be the Poole. The escort wants about 130 million. The market has spoken in cases that he may consider similar: Anfernee Simons renewed the Blazers for 100 million and four years. Jalen Brunson traded the Mavs for the Knicks and took home $104 million. And Tyler Herro has signed with the Heat for a contract that could reach $130 million. Green, who acknowledged weeks ago that he didn’t think he was going to reach a deal before the start of the season, wants a maximum four-year deal. I would put him, if you add the next season that he has insured, in a total of five years and 164.2 million. He would play the last of those five courses at the age of 37. His aggression against Poole gives the Warriors a perfect alibi, not anymore for not giving him those amounts: so that it seems perfectly normal that they don’t give them to him. Green, in fact, should consider how much he has damaged his future contract, wherever it may be, with this appalling incident.: The Warriors may be more motivated than ever to take it really easy on him. And other teams will be tempted to think what it would be like to have Green in the locker room, what effect such a player would have outside of the delicate climatic balance that the Warriors have been building for years thanks, above all, to the particular personalities of Curry, Klay and Kerr. .

So some information suggests that Green He can’t stand that the Warriors don’t consider his extension a priority, much less that they feel more attracted by the suspensions (and the nine years less …) of Poole. Those who defend this position say that the tension between the two has been palpable during the training camp and that this outcome, although undesirable, was not entirely unpredictable (disagreement, not violence). Green has reportedly apologized to Poole, the rest of the team and other franchise focus points. But even if this is fixed, if the Warriors once again successfully test the exceptional healing power of their ecosystem, there will still be another momentous question left in the Bay:how angry is green? dohow hurt? And, because that implies in your case, dohow unstable? It is early, but there is a case. Mess. And a lot of work for Stephen Curry’s sewing needle. Again.

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