Greece: Terrible collision between two trains, the video of the flames burning from the bogies has gone viral

Athens: 26 people were killed and 85 injured as a result of a terrible collision between a train and a freight vehicle in Greece.

According to the details, a passenger and freight train collided in Greece, due to the accident several carriages derailed, out of which three carriages caught fire.

The train accident took place between the capital Athens and Thessaloniki, when passenger and freight trains coming from opposite directions collided, with 350 people on board.

Twenty-six people were killed and eighty-five injured in a terrible collision between a train and a freight vehicle.

The injured have been shifted to hospital, where many are said to be in critical condition and the death toll is feared to rise.

The governor of Thessaly, Konstantinos Agorastos, said the passenger-cargo train collision was very violent, with the first 4 carriages derailed while 2 were completely destroyed, but 250 passengers were evacuated safely.

After the horrific accident, the army has been called in for rescue operations and emergency has been imposed in hospitals.

In a viral video on social media, horrific flames and thick clouds of smoke are seen rising from the derailed bogies while some coaches have also derailed.

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