Greece recovers 351 looted antiquities

Like Egypt, Greece regularly fights to recover its looted works of art and antiquities, scattered in museums and private collections around the world, witnesses of its rich history. From the Neolithic to the Byzantine period, no less than 351 pieces will be returned to the country, the epilogue of an investigation targeting Robin Symes Limited. A large number of ceramic fragments will also be repatriated.

The antiquities, divided into 25 groups, were in the possession of the British art dealer being liquidated, according to a statement from the Greek Ministry of Culture. Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said the legal battle to recover the looted antiquities in Greece had lasted 17 years, beginning in 2006 when Greek authorities began investigating Robin Symes Ltd. in the country and abroad.

Among the notable pieces in the antiquities collection, a Neolithic era statuette carved in white stone and dating from 4000 BC, a Cycladic figurine dating from between 3200 and 2700 BC, a damaged marble statue of Archaic Kore dating from 550-500 BC, or a fragmented bronze statue of a young Alexander the Great dating from the second half of the 2nd century.

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