Greece: nearly 80 migrants lost their lives in a shipwreck

These are saved, they are rescued by the Greek coast guard. The tragedy that took place on Tuesday, June 13, off the coast of Greece, could be the worst disaster concerning migrants for ten years. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the survivors walk barefoot, mainly men. Some need to be treated urgently. All come back from hell. At least 78 people drowned. They had left Libya aboard a fishing boat. Their boat capsized off the Peloponnese. Their goal was to reach Italy.

Hundreds of victims

The central Mediterranean is one of the deadliest migratory routes in the world. On board the boat, none had life jackets. An Italian association for aid to migrants claims to have exchanged with them at the time of the tragedy. According to some accounts, there were several hundred on board. Athena Linos, a Greek local elected representative, indicates that they “were 150 people on board”. There would therefore be hundreds of other victims. The boat had however been spotted by Frontex agents, but the European agency explains that it did not intervene due to the refusal of the migrants.

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