Greece: A missing person was found alive in a ship engulfed in flames

ATHENS: A missing man has been found alive in a shipwreck off the coast of Greece.

A missing person was rescued from a burning ferry off the coast of Greece on Sunday, and a search is under way for 11 more missing people, according to details.

A Greek Coast Guard spokesman said the man was in the back of the ferry, from which he was safely evacuated. Got it.

The Italian ferry had 290 people on board, including 153 trucks and 32 cars. The ship set sail from Greece on Friday and caught fire three hours later, which has not yet been extinguished. The Greek Coast Guard and other boats have rescued 280 people.

Authorities say ships surrounded by flames and smoke are slowly being brought ashore, with firefighters constantly trying to put out the blaze, but the flames re-ignite in one area or another.

Rescue workers are searching for other missing passengers, but it is not yet possible to reach the plane. Authorities say those rescued include citizens of Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy and Lithuania.

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