Great victory of the important Islamic country against Corona

Indonesia, the world’s largest Islamic country by population, has begun testing a locally produced corona vaccine on humans.

According to international media reports, Indonesia has begun testing a locally manufactured Covid 19 vaccine on humans after receiving a green signal from the drug regulator.

The home-made “Mira Putia” (red and white) vaccine, named after the colors of Indonesia’s national flag, is being researched under the auspices of the University of Erlanga and Biotis Pharmaceuticals.

The project has been delayed since its launch in 2020, but officials are now hopeful that if the trials are successful, it will be allowed to be used by mid-2022.

Health Minister Bodhi Sadikan says the drug, which will be launched in the final stages of Indonesia’s vaccination campaign, could be donated to other countries as a booster job or as a vaccine for children aged three to six. Is.

According to Muhammad Naseh, dean of Erlanga University, the Meira Potia vaccine has been given a “halal” certification by the Ulema Council of Indonesia, the highest religious party in the Muslim-majority country. We hope that with this halal certification Therefore, the confidence of the people will increase.

Indonesia has approved 13 vaccines and boosters but has used mainly Chinese-made jobs, and has struggled to provide enough food for its 270 million people.

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