Great success against the Corona epidemic, the American company entered the field

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The global fight against coronary heart disease has taken a major turn, with a leading US pharmaceutical company making a major decision.

According to foreign media reports, a well-known American pharmaceutical company has sought permission from the regulatory body to treat code 19 orally.

Merck scientists have asked the Food and Drug Administration for permission to use the Molnupi ravier for emergency use, saying the drug incorporates misleading code into its genetic code to stop the virus from growing.

The Merck company’s drug, named Mullen Apervaire, is a breakthrough because it is the first drug to control the corona virus, which can be swallowed orally.

According to the scientists, this treatment does not aggravate the patient’s symptoms from the early stages of the disease. Compared to ineffective drugs, the use of this drug has reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by about 50%. Is considered an important step in the global fight against terrorism.

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Experts say that after approval by the administration, this drug will be the first pill of its kind to treat cod, which will become part of the existing drugs that are available in the form of vaccines.

The US pharmaceutical company Merck said it would be able to develop 10 million drug courses once the drug was formally approved.


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