Great statement from former Indian player, he said: Now Virat Kohli is not fit for Fab-4, but Babar Azam…

Virat Kohli had disappointed in both innings of the World Test Championship against Australia. Other than this, he is unable to perform as expected in ODI and Test format. Especially, Virat Kohli’s test figures are not very good of late. Statistics show that after the year 2020, the former Indian captain has scored runs in Test cricket at an average of just 29.69. However, Virat Kohli has done better in ODI and T20 format. However, now Akash Chopra has made a big statement about Virat Kohli.

Former Indian player Akash Chopra believes that now Virat Kohli does not deserve to be in Fab-4. Apart from this, he kept his point on the Pakistan cricket team captain, Babar Azam. Akash Chopra says that now Virat Kohli is not fit to be in Fab-4. He said that Kane Williamson and Joe Root can be replaced at the Fab-4. Aside from this, Steve Smith’s average is above 50. Also, Steve Smith’s number of centuries is continually increasing, so he deserves to be on the Fab-4 list. But Virat Kohli probably did not deserve Fab-4.

Apart from this, Akash Chopra talked about Pakistan cricket team captain Virat Kohli. He said that Babar may think of adding Azam’s name as his recent performance has been good, but still the Pakistani captain will have to wait. Currently, Babar Azam is not eligible to be included in the Fab-4. Aakash Chopra says Kane Williamson, Joe Root and Steve Smith deserve the Fab-4, but now the former Indian captain’s poor performance isn’t worth the Fab-4.

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