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Great news: UAE has made an important announcement

ABU DHABI: The UAE is constantly striving to provide the best facilities to expatriates, one such announcement has delighted expats.

According to a media report, the United Arab Emirates has announced to make the issuance of five-year multiple-entry tourist visas easier for citizens from around the world.

Officials said the condition of having a sponsor or in-country host for multiple-entry tourist visas has been removed, but four more conditions have been imposed, which will be implemented from next month.

According to Arab media, those who wish to apply for a multiple tourist visa must provide a bank statement of the balance of four thousand dollars and this statement must be six months before the date of application for obtaining the visa, along with the visa fee, A financial vehicle and a health insurance scheme will also be necessary.

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Apart from this, the visa holder will have to state the purpose of his arrival in the Emirates and he will not be allowed to stay for more than one year in any case.

With the new condition, a number of facilities and concessions will also be provided to the five-year tourist visa holder, under which the visa holder will be able to stay in the Emirates for a continuous period of 90 days, which can be extended for another 90 days, but before that. The total period of stay in the Emirates should not exceed 180 days in a year.



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