Great news for those who want to go for Umrah

Kuwait: Other Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia have made the process of obtaining visit visas very easy, on which the people of the above countries can easily come to get the blessing of Umrah.

According to the details, the good news for foreigners living in Kuwait and Gulf countries is that they can perform Umrah on the basis of a Saudi visit visa.

According to Kuwaiti media, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf neighboring countries are accelerating their pace to attract visitors from all over the world by simplifying the process of obtaining entry visas (visit visas) to their lands.

However, Kuwait has stood its ground, and at times taken even more drastic measures, blocking all types of tourist and business visas for years due to its failure to develop a mechanism for such visas.

Obtaining a visit visa to Kuwait requires a lengthy and complicated process and obtaining it electronically is limited to certain nationalities.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a “Digital Embassy” that specializes in issuing expedited visas that are submitted electronically without the need for visas valid for one year and within that one year. Multiple visits to Saudi Arabia can be made but Kuwait limits the visa duration to three months

Also, expatriates living in Kuwait are currently unable to obtain visas for their newborn children who were born outside the country under the new procedure in Saudi Arabia, whether for tourism or Umrah purposes, within minutes. can be obtained.

The same applies to tourist visas, which are scarce in Kuwait for various reasons, including the absence of any effort to attract tourists under a comprehensive plan, while the picture is quite different in Saudi Arabia, where tourism It is now possible to visit the Kingdom and perform Umrah at the same time.

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The new procedure in Saudi Arabia relies on the electronic submission of the visa application through the official visa platform approved by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Digital Embassy) website.

Efforts to ease visa and residency procedures in the UAE, which have been in the works for a long time, are still underway as authorities have finally allowed foreigners of all nationalities to apply for multi-entry tourist visas. The visa is valid for five years from the date of issue. No guarantor or host (Kafil) will be required within the State provided he does not stay in the State for more than 90 days in a year.

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