Great news for Saudi accommodation holders

Great news for Saudi accommodation holders

Riyadh: The Saudi Licensing Department has issued an explanatory statement for all foreigners in which all the details related to residency have been clearly stated.

Exit re-entry which is called exit promise in Arabic is issued on a monthly basis, initially a two month visa is issued with a fee of 200 riyals.

After the first two months, the additional period can be obtained at the rate of 100 riyals per month whereas earlier the exit fee for 6 months was only 200 riyals.

A person has asked the question that the departure of the family has been promised for 6 months, there are 4 months left in the period of re-entry.

Licenses stipulate that the fee for an exit visa cannot be refunded after use.

It should be noted that according to the Licensing Act, exit visa is issued on a monthly basis and the visa is issued after depositing a fee of Rs 100 per month.

The exit promise, ie the exit re-entry fee, can be refunded till the service has been obtained against the fee.

The fee cannot be refunded after the issuance and use of the exit vow visa, regardless of whether the exit vow visa has been used or not.

The point made in the question is about the departure of the family, keeping in mind that the fee refund law is the same for both the family or the foreign worker residing on a work visa, ie the fee. Fees paid after receiving competitive service are non-refundable.

Regarding the accuracy of the name in the residence, a woman found out on Twitter of the permit that ‘the English name in the residence has been entered incorrectly which is contrary to the passport, how can it be corrected?’

In response to a question, Jawazat said that for any kind of accuracy in the residence card, it is necessary to approach the office of permits for which advance time must be obtained.

To get to the licensing office on time, be sure to print out the appointment you received, which must be displayed at the counter.

Arrive at the licensing office on time and present the original passport there along with the residence and photocopy of the passport.

It should be noted that a foreign worker cannot approach the Licensing Office directly in any of his cases, for which only the sponsor of the worker or the representative appointed by him is authorized to approach the Licensing Office. Resolve the issue of worker.

Keep in mind that foreigners residing with their families are sponsored by their families, so they have the option to seek legal redress from their families.