Great news for job seekers in UAE

ABU DHABI: People wishing to come to the United Arab Emirates to look for employment have been given a great news, they will be issued a special visa after fulfilling 3 conditions.

According to the international website, the United Arab Emirates has announced a great news to those who want to come to look for employment, a special visa will be issued to such people.

This visa will be given to those who fulfill the 3 conditions set for it.

The Emirati Cabinet has issued a plan for the arrival of foreigners in the country and the implementation of the Iqama Law.

Applicants seeking employment will not be required to obtain a sponsor, without whom the visa will be issued. The first requirement is that the candidate must be one of the first, second or third level skilled workers registered with the UAE Ministry of Manpower.

The second condition is that if the candidate is not among the talented, then he should have graduated from one of the 500 best universities in the world according to the ranking of the Ministry of Education and Training and not more than 2 years have passed since his graduation from the university.

Thirdly, regarding the issue of employment visa in the process, it is said that it will be implemented from the beginning of September, the candidate must be at least a graduate or equivalent degree holder.

The third condition is to provide fixed financial security.

The Federal Agency for National Identity, Citizenship and Customs may approve the issuance of a visit visa to a foreign candidate for seeking employment opportunities after the approval of the relevant agencies.

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This approval may be for a single trip or may include permission to visit more than once.

The federal agency mainly issues 8 types of visit visas, one of which is given to those who come to explore job opportunities.

The duration of the visa will be determined by the federal agency, not more than one year of stay will be allowed. There will be a monthly visa fee. In case of staying for a few days of the month, the full month’s fee will be charged and the visa may be extended.

The visa is issued for 60 days from the date of issue, it can be extended for another 60 days and a fixed fee will be charged each time.

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