Great news for foreigners going to Malaysia for employment

KUALA LUMPUR: Foreigners in Malaysia have to face serious problems in finding jobs due to legal requirements, but now the government has announced easy facilities.

According to the details, the productivity of the industries in Malaysia is severely affected due to the shortage of manpower, which has created wide employment opportunities for foreigners.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Malaysia is now accelerating the process of recruiting foreign workers in view of the shortage of local workers in key industries.

In this regard, Malaysia’s Interior Minister Saifuddin Nasutiun bin Ismail has told reporters yesterday that the quota of industries will be abolished to speed up the hiring of foreign workers.

He added that employers no longer need to adhere to quota limits and other conditions before hiring foreign workers from 15 countries.

He said that this temporary exemption would be limited to one year and would apply only to new applications.

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