From the sky blue box they are attentive to the incorporation in summer

The Celtic RC will have big changes for the next season and one of them has to do directly with Denis Suarez. The player will eventually leave balaídos after the bad relationship of the celestial president with the agency representing the 28-year-old offensive midfielder who will have to find a new destination.

Let us remember that despite the problems between both parties, the footballer was one of the most important for Coudet this season. Their talent It is undeniable and he offered it until the last moment to the Galician club. Now from the club balaídos They are already planning the arrival of a new player in that demarcation.

Celtic Denis Suarez
The light blue box has the replacement of the talented midfielder ready

Celta finds a replacement for Denis Suárez at Huesca

And it is that the president of the RC Celtic He already has several possible replacements for Denis Suárez in mind and there is one that is quite interesting. We are talking about Jaime Seoane, a 25-year-old midfielder who plays for SD Huesca and who has had a very interesting and remarkable season.

The man from Madrid was one of the great surprises of LaLiga SmartBank, being one of the best in his demarcation in the silver category. In the campaign that is about to end, he has been one of the top scorers with the 14 goals he has scored. He has scored these in the 39 games he has played with the Huesca jersey.

Jaime Seoane is the one targeted by the Balaídos team

In this way, the figure of Jaime Seoane would be the man chosen to replace Denis Suárez at RC Celta. He is a midfielder with great mobility and reaches the opposite goal, so he constantly steps on the area. That’s where he feels important and therefore is reflected in the good number of goals he has made.

We will have to finally wait for what may happen with this movement. At the moment, everything seems to indicate that the operation would be fully on track and it would be the first signing of the Balaídos for the 2022-2023 academic year. That is where Coudet wants to have quality men and Huesca is one of them.


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