Great honor for a Pakistani-born Muslim woman in the UK

LONDON: Pakistani-born Muslim woman Tafheen Sharif has been elected deputy mayor of the Tomside area of ​​the United Kingdom.

According to British media reports, Tafheen Sharif from Azad Kashmir has become the first Asian Muslim woman to be elected deputy mayor from Tomside area of ​​England.

Tafheen Sharif belongs to the Labor Party and was elected a councilor in 2012.

Keep in mind that Tafheen Zamana has been participating in politics since she was a student. She has the honor of being the youngest young councilor.

After being elected deputy mayor, Tafheen said that the Kashmir issue was a matter of human sympathy and a serious solution was needed.

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The newly elected Deputy Mayor further said that Kashmir issue cannot be ignored under any circumstances, we all have to play our role for the solution of this issue and I will discuss Kashmir issue in every forum.

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