The Maño team begins to assume the defense’s march and is already looking for guarantees relays

The Real Zaragozto works tirelessly in the search for a replacement with full guarantees for Alexander French. The footballer is at a high level and teams like him Seville or the FC Barcelona they follow his trail. Torrecilla aims to signings that allow a second round in which the team gives the necessary momentum to fight at least for the promotion playoff.

However, in the case of the central position, the Real Zaragoza has suffered an unforeseen event. And is that the club was not interested in making a new signing, but circumstances seem to force it. All for the possible transfer of Alejandro Francés, who attracts several teams.

Zaragoza transfers
Guzmán Corujo could end up at Real Zaragoza

French relay at Real Zaragoza stings Huesca

Faced with this situation, the Aragonese club has started looking for a new footballer to cover the loss of its young promise. A loss that will be very important, so they need a level reinforcement to cover their loss. There is certainly a big favorite on Torrecilla’s list.

We are talking about Siovas, a well-trained player, who left Huesca thinking about continuing in the Santander League. However, he was left without equipment and is now forced to lower his claims. It goes without saying that he would be a top replacement for Alejandro Francés at Real Zaragoza.

Another interesting option

In a similar situation was Sidnei, who was also without a team after terminating his contract with Real Betis. Zaragoza had it on their list but has finally found a new destination. The Brazilian has decided to return home and sign for Cruzeiro.

Finally, the case of Guzmán Corujo, a Uruguayan center-back with a past in Nacional and MLS, stands out. At 25 years old, he is without a team, but it is an option that fits, due to budget and age, with the plans of Real Zaragoza, which seek to form a team to fight for promotion.


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