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Riyadh: The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education has made a big announcement for the kingdom’s special students.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education says that this year “sign language” will be included in the school’s curriculum for special students at all stages of general education.

The ministry said the scheme would be implemented starting in the new academic year, adding that new educational programs and schemes have been launched for the needs of special students.

In Saudi Arabia, the Secretary of Education, Dr. Maha Al-Suleiman, said that the Ministry of Education has developed new training schemes in special education, adding new subjects such as English, digital skills, social studies, physical training and self-defense, in addition to sign language. .

Saudi Arabia: Important News for Students

He said that sign language has been included in the family training course, it is included in all stages of primary, middle and secondary education, professional training and extracurricular activities have also been added.

The Secretary of Education said that special training and changes to its programs would create more learning opportunities and benefit students with disabilities, adding that the next academic year will be different in every way.

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