The Riojan Arturo Grávalos, from the Eolo-Kometa Cycling Team, he is recovering from the surgical intervention to which he was subjected this Thursday, November 4 at the Lozano Blesa University Clinical Hospital in Zaragoza to remove a brain tumor that was detected several weeks ago, after being admitted to the Neurology service from where he was referred to the Neurosurgery. The operation, performed by the neurosurgery team headed by Dr. Clara María del Río-Pérez, fIt was complex and lasted for several hours, but it developed without complications and the final evaluation of the doctors was satisfactory.

Grávalos (1998), who in 2021 has lived his first professional cycling campaign in which he has competed for fourteen days, contested his last race last August, the Getxo Circuit, in which he finished 48th. The Riojan living in Zaragoza then began to suffer several episodes of severe headaches and after undergoing different tests he was admitted in the Zaragoza medical center where the existence of a brain tumor was finally confirmed.

During the follow-up that was carried out during the consecutive weeks, the doctors verified how this tumor had increased in size and the need to operate on the runner as soon as possible was established. By express wish of the runner and his environment, this situation has been kept discreet., while waiting for the surgical intervention and the subsequent start of the rehabilitation process, two moments for which the doctors had advised him the least stress and the greatest possible tranquility, the team reported in a statement.

“We would like to publicly thank the attention and care received from all the professionals at Lozano Blesa and, especially, the great work that the entire team led by Dr. del Río has done “, Family sources of Grávalos point out, who will still have to remain in the center for some time.


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