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Grassland entered by Cádiz CF reactivates the Maxi Gómez road

Manuel Vizcaíno wanted to reinforce Cádiz CF with a great signing this summer and the club has been working in recent weeks on the arrival of Maxi Gómez

It’s no secret that maxi gomez has become the great dream of Cadiz CF for the transfer market. The Uruguayan footballer, with experience in Spanish football after his time at Celta and Valencia CF, also wanted to return to LaLiga and had several proposals on the table. One of them was that of the Cádiz team, who hoped to obtain an affirmative response from the player.

However, several days ago, the Uruguayan announced his decision not to accept the yellow club’s proposal, considering it insufficient in financial terms. That is why the signing of Maxi Gómez by Cádiz CF seemed completely out of the question. But now the situation has changed, because the club is going to obtain a significant sum of money.

Maxi Gómez is back on the Cádiz CF table
Maxi Gómez is once again a realistic option after the sale of Ledesma

The pasture that Cádiz CF will enter brings Maxi Gómez closer

As we have known for the last few days, Ledesma is about to leave Cádiz CF. The Argentine goalkeeper has received an interesting proposal from UD Almería and has asked to leave the club. In this way, he would be closer and closer to heading to the other end of Andalusia in exchange for a significant amount of money.

Total, Cádiz CF will enter an amount close to 10 million euros. An amount that will allow the club to launch itself for a substitute for the goal, but also to undertake other incorporations. And one of the signings that is reactivated again is that of Maxi Gómez, with whom they hope to start new conversations in the coming days.

Money will no longer be a problem for Cádiz CF

With more than 10 million euros received from the sale of Ledesma, Cádiz CF will be able to negotiate new terms with Maxi Gómez. Thus, by increasing the economic proposal, the Uruguayan footballer could give the go-ahead to the operation. In this way he would return to Spanish football to be the great star of the yellow team.

Now it only remains to wait to see how the situation is resolved, which is not easy at all. But Maxi Gómez is still on the Cádiz CF table and it will be until the end of the market or until he signs for another team. Likewise, we have also learned that the Cádiz team is following in the footsteps of a Sevilla FC footballer.

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