Granollers: “Horacio and I do not argue, we debate”

Marcel Granollers (Barcelona, ​​35 years old) disputes his sixth ATP Finals in doubles since this Sunday, second with Argentine Horacio Zeballos as a couple. Last year they reached the semifinals and the Spaniard was champion in 2012 with Marc López. This year he arrives “with enthusiasm and desire” and a first objective is set, “to pass the group stage”. This Sunday (18:30) they play against Dodig and Polasek.

With what aspirations do you face these ATP Finals?

With great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. We are prepared because we came a few days earlier than normal to adapt to conditions that are quite fast. We haven’t played much in the last month, but that’s why we arrived rested and fresh to compete all week.

In principle, the Red Group (Ram / Salisbury, Herbert / Mahut, Cabal / Farah and Murray / Soares) seems more difficult than his, the Green Group (with Mektic / Pavic, Dodig / Polasek and Krawietz / Tecau). How do you see him?

Here at the Masters there are few facilities in general. There are only difficult groups and difficult matches. The one we have is pretty tough, like the other one. And either you play well or it will be difficult to win games. What this tournament requires of you is to play at the highest level, because here it is very high. Normally everything is decided by details and this tournament is not going to be an exception.

No clear favorites then?

It is true that this year there has been a clear dominance by Mektic and Pavic, but in this format, indoors and fast track, the matches are very tight. This is what will happen. It is also a different tournament, because even if you lose one game or even two, you can qualify. You have two lives. Let’s see what happens, we are ready to make our debut and we know it will be a very difficult game, although we have trained very well.

How specifically do you prepare a doubles pair?

We have to know the virtues of each one and enhance them. Also the things that cost us a little more, we have to work them. Today, in doubles you have to be very complete, because if something fails you, the rivals know it and squeeze you out there. The good thing about us is that we feel comfortable on all surfaces. We can adapt to playing in the background, on the net, serve-net… We have to maintain that variety to be more unpredictable.

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And, of course, you have to get along… But do you ever argue?

Good luck, we don’t argue. What we do is raise situations that exist in the best party or if one sees something, it is debated. But it is part of the job, of trying to improve the couple. It is good to give each one their point of view to be better. But I think arguing is not good.

Does speaking the same language help a lot? I say this because you played the 2017 ATP Finals with Croatian Ivan Dodig, for example.

Yes, definitely. The language helps a lot in communication and coming from similar cultures. We have also known each other for many years, because we coincide in our careers in singles and we face each other (2-0 for the Spaniard in the head-to-head), also in doubles. When we got together there was already a connection off the track and inside we got on very well. Although we achieved good results from the beginning, now we are a much more stable and solid couple.

Last year they made the semifinals, this year what feeling do they have?

Last year I reached the tournament very to the limit, with an injury that made me doubt even if I could play, I had hardly trained and I endured two games well. But of course, I hurt my shoulder. Still we made it to the crossroads. That would be the first objective now, in the short term, but more than anything to try to do our tennis, to give 100% and that way we will be a little closer to winning the matches.

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