Grand Prix Emilio Valdez will be in honor of Dr. José Joaquín Puello

Grand Prix Emilio Valdez será en honor al doctor José Joaquín Puello

In honor of Dr. José Joaquín Puello, the Emilio Valdez Cycling Grand Prix will be held on February 12 (8:00 AM), just to be held with a closed circuit, the Quincentennial Express.

The information was provided by the president of the Cycling Association of the National District, Emilio Valdez, through the journalist Martín Olivo, press officer for the cycling event.

"The GP Emilio Valdez will bring a special dedication to the former president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Dr. José Joaquín Puello, for his great career as a senior sports and community leader"Valdez stressed.

In the Grand Prix, cyclists from the Elite, Women’s, Youth, Pre-youth, Master A, B, C and R (Recreational) categories will see action.

Juniors and pre-juveniles will not have to pay registration, however, they will receive medals and metallic prizes.

Pedalists from all the teams, clubs and provincial associations from all over the country are invited.

The fair will be as it is traditional in the Quincentennial Express in the section between the avenues Máximo Gómez and Josefa Brea.


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