Home Sports Granada CF accelerates to close signing after Carlos Neva’s injury

Granada CF accelerates to close signing after Carlos Neva’s injury

The side will be low for the remainder of the season and part of the next

The serious injury to Carlos Neva has caused that Granada CF looks at the free agent market. A market in which, according to the regulations, they can get their last signing of the season. Of course, it does not seem that the Nasrid club intends to get a new left back.

In this case, Granada CF would use the possibility of reinforcing the team to add a new force to the axis of the defense, where they are having a lot of problems this season. And there is already a great favorite to reach the club in these coming days. A player who also knows the Santander League well.

Carlos Neva Granada
Musacchio, one of the best options on the market

Granada CF’s favorite to replace Carlos Neva

To replace the injured Carlos Neva, Granada CF has decided to trust Escudero, with whom he has been competing all season. But in addition, the option they are considering is to upload a youth squad to the first team to double the position that has been discovered.

The one chosen to go up to the first team is Miguel Ángel Brau, who is already under Torrecilla’s orders. That is why Granada CF will not make any signings to cover the left side, although they do intend to use the free card left by Carlos Neva.

Musacchio, a possibility for Granada CF

One of the players who could reach the Nasrid team in the coming days is Mateo Musacchio. The Argentine defender has been without a team for several months and his physical condition is an unknown quantity. However, Granada CF could bet on him until the end of the season.

His signing would not pose a risk for the club, as he would sign only until June with the possibility of extending the bond depending on his performance. At the moment, the signing is far from taking place, although it is one of the possibilities that the sports management is considering.

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