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Gran Canaria will not play the Euroleague

Gran Canaria will not play the Euroleague

Gran Canaria has decided not to play the Euroleague. This has been transmitted by the club through an official statement that has been made public on its website. The Canarian team, which had the chance to play in the top continental competition after winning the Eurocupalludes to economic reasons for renouncing their participation: “Once the situation has been analyzed and the vote has been carried out, the Board of Directors of Club Baloncesto Gran Canaria-Claret SAD has unanimously decided not to participate in the next edition of the Euroleague for financial reasons, and to return to the Eurocup.”.

The resignation of the canaries opens a door to Valencia Basket, who could now occupy his place. Marshall Glickman, CEO of the Euroleague but who will leave his position on June 30, took it almost for granted in an informal chat with the media during the Final Four in Kaunas. It does not seem that anything has changed, but the exit of the directive could generate some uncertainty. The Turk TelekomEurocup finalist He has requested an invitation to play in the Euroleague, but his request has been rejected.

Gran Canaria had until mid-June to decide whether to join the Euroleague or not, although The 18 teams that will play next season will not be knownpossibly until early July. With the resignation of Granca, the possibility opens for them to repeat the 18 of last season, the most disputed in all of history.

Gran Canaria played in the Euroleague in the 2018-19 season, but their experience was not good. They finished 14th with 8 wins in 30 games and paid for the effort in the domestic competition: they finished far from the playoffs (12th) with more losses (20) than wins (14).

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