Gran Canaria wakes up on time

Gran Canaria continues to show a good face in recent weeks. After competing in the derby against Lenovo Tenerife until the last seconds and finishing the first phase of the Eurocup in style, today they managed to overcome a bad start to the game to defeat Casimiro and Báez’s Betis. The yellows consolidate their playoff position, while the Verdiblanco team prolongs the agony of living with relegation lurking on each pitch.

Once again, Brussino took the initiative for Granca, adding a lustrous 15 points, 3 rebounds and 6 assists tonight. At Betis, Tyson Pérez and Johnson led the way, visible faces today a squad full of former players from the island team, such as Báez, Pasecniks and Luke Fischer. The Dominican Montero is also there, on loan.

The end of the game should not hide the fact that, at the beginning, the owner was dyed green and white, since Betis, a cyclone in the first quarter, closed those ten minutes almost doubling their rival on the scoreboard: 16-30.

Granca did not react despite the insistent push from Salvó (15 points at the end) or Diop, remaining relatively comfortably above the 10-point lead in their favor (21-34). However, suddenly, the locals got rid of the empanada that was gripping them so much. Thus, from those figures until the break, they added a 19-6 run in favor that allowed them to go into the break with many breaths of fresh air: 46-40, vital Shurna or Balcerowski.

The titanic fight continued when the match resumed. Both answered, the exchange of blows was intense in both baskets, responding fiercely to each other, enough to close the third quarter with an almost identical distance: 65-60.

That’s as far as the verdiblanco bellows came. Luis Casimiro’s team gradually sank, relentlessly raising the white flag of redemption. Benite or Brussino did not forgive from 6.75, and the local victory, the 15th of the course, was no longer in danger against the tough Betis, who was sinking in the standings. Lights for some, absolute gloom for others tonight at the Gran Canaria Arena.


87 – Gran Canaria (16+30+19+22): Balcerowski (16), Slaughter (-), Albicy (6), Brussino (18) and Shurna (12) -initial team- Kljajic (-), F. Bassas (2), Benite (8), Salvó (15) , Diop (8) and Carrera (2).

71 – Real Betis Basketball (30+10+20+11): Pérez (19), Johnson (19), Montero (9), Bertans (-) and Pasecniks (2) -initial team- Maronka (-), Cvetkovic (5), Gray (6), Almazán (-), Báez (3), Fischer (8) and Syla (-).

referees: Oscar Perea, Alfonso Olivares and Joaquín García. No deleted.

incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-fifth day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena in front of 5,462 spectators. In the run-up to the match, a tribute was paid both to the visiting coach, Luis Casimiro, and to the current Real Betis player and former yellow center Eulis Báez for his long career at the island club, both receiving a commemorative shirt with the number of matches played in yellow (116, in the case of the coach from La Mancha, and 355 with respect to the Dominican player).

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