Gran Canaria leaves the heart of Valencia Basket touched

Valencia and Gran Canaria are called to fight for the same thing this season: enter the Cup, a position in the noble part of the ACB, try to win the Eurocup … the locals threw their hearts and the talented visitors. A talent that helped the Canarian team to take a duel in which when they had to resort to individual actions, the quality of Ennis (16 + 3 + 5), Brussino (17 points) and Shurna (12 + 4) paved the way. In Valencia there was more heart than game – at least in the second half – that’s why the defeat at home – the fifth of the season – hurts more, but it also marks the way: the team gave everything and it was not enough, but it also showed that playing the way it did, it can compete against anyone.

The match started with a well-deserved standing ovation to former John ShurnaApplause that should have motivated him as he was in charge of scoring the first four points for his team. Those applause soon turned into whistles, but not directed towards the American but towards Valencia himself who, one more afternoon, went out to the parquet to see them coming and without showing an iota of defensive aggressiveness, which led to those of Fisac ​​will get to put nine ahead. Two time-outs in between, Peñarroya managed to wake up his people before the meeting left them: only two were put down.

All the rhythm that the first period had was lost in the second. On the one hand, because both teams decided to defend something else —but not too much— and on the other because the referees insisted on whistling until the slightest contact and slowing down the game. Brussino, yes, continued to his own punishing from all areas of the perimeter and forcing the local defense to close, thus leaving spaces on the sides. The canaries little by little they were widening differences and they threw themselves to break the party shortly before the rest: A triple from Slaughter, five points in a row from Shurna and a triple over the horn from Brussino knocked out Valencia leaving them ten points behind.

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The taronja showed another defensive attitude with the start of the second half, but his good intentions came to nothing against Ennis’s triples, Shurna’s points and Pustovyi’s power, which in an action crushed above Puerto as the one who does not want the thing. The locals tried with more heart than game, even Claver from the location of the injured asked La Fonteta to press, but the talent of the island team was too much and the ten-point barrier was not broken.

The taronja tried the epic in the last quarter and a hopeful 6-0 start gave wings to the Fonteta. Those of Fisac ​​maintained the income thanks to the individual actions of Ennis and some baskets to the limit of the possession, but this time yes, offensive inspiration smiled at the locals. Little by little those of Peñarroya approached on the scoreboard until a triplazo from Prepelic placed them within a point with two seconds left. But a lack of concentration, a defensive failure or simply a hit by Fisac in the strategy allowed the canaries to receive only with enough time for the game to end and that the comeback would come to nothing.

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