Gran Canaria aggravates the Baskonia crisis a little more

Gran Canaria forgot once again the absences due to injury and covid-19 to knock down a Bitci Baskonia 83-77 who was surprised in the final moments by the success from the line of three of the yellow players.

Especially highlighted the doll of AJ Slaughter (22 points and 4 triples), who deactivated the efforts of Fontecchio (14) and Granger (13) in the visiting team.

In a start of continuous exchanges, Baskonia tried to take the initiative with the Italian Simone Fontecchio as the main stiletto â? Two triples in the first bars-, but they soon ran into with an intense Khalifa Diop, which, from the area, put the islanders in the forefront (10-9 after five minutes of play).

From there, Uruguayan point guard Jayson Granger entered the scene -8 points in the first quarter-, who relaunched Vitoria with his shots from the perimeter (13-19). And when it seemed that Granca was recovering with the entry of Albicy and the success of Ennis, Fontecchio again took over from Granger to close the initial period with a tight 20-22.

Things continued along the same lines in the second quarter, with continuous comings and goings, with hardly any scoring streaks and with differences that did not exceed six points. It seemed that the Claretians opened the gap after two consecutive dunks by Pustovyi and a triple by Costello (35-29), but Dusko Ivanovic’s pupils reacted immediately, turning the electronic one with two dunks by Costello and a last triple by Giedraitis (36-41).

In the resumption, Porfi Fisac’s men again launched the ordago (41-43) with Kramer and Ennis as stilettos. But the mirage became more than fleeting with the success of Baldwin and Enoch in the visiting ranks, which stretched the advantage of Ivanovic’s to seven (47-54).

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Slaughter began to take on new stripes in the Yellows’ offensive battery to minimize the injury. And the equation, combined with the success of Miquel Salvó, had an effect: partial 9-2 and time-out of Baskonia, with the swords at the top (56-56).

Already in the final round, the defensive intensity increased even more if possible. It took Gran Canaria two minutes to score their first pitch, through a Kramer layup, and the Basque team would do it a minute later, with a Sedekerskis basket. The failures accumulated in both rings (63-63 to 5:33 for the conclusion), thus multiplying the time-outs on the two benches.

A triple from Ennis and another from Salvo returned the initiative to the locals (69-63). And although Granger and Baldwin immediately cauterized the wound (71-70), a new triple by Ennis put the Vitorianos in a critical situation.

In the end, a new distant launch, this time under the imprint of Slaughter, ended up knocking out Baskonia, that took a more than painful defeat for the Canary Islands against a decimated Gran Canaria.

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