Graham invents a miracle

A party in the sewers of the West, a conference gone down this season, He had the most incredible resolution of course, a movie ending that made the headlines a party that aimed to anonymous: the Pelicans beat the Thunder in OKC (110-113) and there was relief in the queue: the first are penultimate (9-21), the second are already last (8-19, eleven losses in thirteen games).

Without Zion Williamson and without news (not good, at least) about their theoretical franchise player, the Pelicans took the joy of the year after a bad start and thanks to an ending in which there were two heroes. First Brandon Ingram, who scored his team’s 10 points between 102-100 and 107-110. And then of course Devonte ‘Graham, who solved with the furthest triple winner of the last quarter of a century: almost from his own line of three, about 19 meters from the rival basket. Nor have we seen in the last 25 years two triples at a minimum of ten meters in the last five seconds. First Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scored a circus, unbalanced and desperate, to tie (110-110) from those 10 meters, and then came the miracle, when the extension seemed a certainty, from Graham.

Thus a game was resolved in which Ingram finished with 34 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists, Graham with 15 + 4 + 8 and Jonas Valanciunas with 19 points and 16 rebounds. A rock, as almost always. In the Thunder, without Lu Dort, 35 points and 25 shots from Gilgeous-Alexander (10/25) and good minutes from rookie Josh Giddey (17 + 9 + 7) and underrated Kenrich Williams (17 + 6 + 3). In the visitors, 13 minutes for Willy Hernangómez: 7 points and 3 rebounds.


If Graham scored the most incredible triple of the season, Anthony Edwards stacked ten with a tremendous 10/14 for a Wolves who added 23 (23/48) and 15 in the first half in which they tamed (61-75) the Denver Nuggets (107-124 final). It is a 14-14 for the Rockies and a 13-15 for the visitors, who escaped with a 2-13 in the third quarter, when the Nuggets made a threat to compress the score (88-108 at the end of the third quarter ).

With his ten triples, Edwards finished with 38 points, accompanied by Karl-Anthony Towns (32 points) and D’Angelo Russell (16 + 8 rebounds and 7 assists). A good victory for the Wolves against some Nuggets who had beaten them in the last twelve direct duels and who continue to lose troops. This time Markus Howard fell, with a leg injury. Barton and Gordon were lazy and Nikola Jokic was once again very lonely although, as always, he went as far as he could: 27 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists. Sixth triple-double of the season for the Serbian. Campazzo had no aim (2/7 in triples) and finished with 6 points and 8 assists.


Morbid … but not much. It was the first Jazz-Clippers since the playoff tie in which the Angelenos, without Kawhi Leonard, beat the Jazz 2-0 in the Western semi-finals. But those of Lue not only continue without Kawhi, they are also without Paul George and without Nico Batum. They had, yes, four victories in a row (now they remain at 16-13), a good streak that ended on the track in the fittest team, surely, in the entire NBA. Without making noise, the Jazz have eight consecutive victories and are on the league podiumBetter than anyone in the East, two and a half games for the Warriors and two for the Suns.

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The Clippers, as almost always under the circumstances, were sticky and competitive. As far as they could. The first half of Bledsoe (at the end 21 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists), the points of Marcus Morris (24 with 8 rebounds) and the heart of Reggie Jackson (15 + 5 + 9) made it possible for there to be a fight until a second half where logic could. And in which Donovan Michell appeared, who scored 19 points after the break after having stayed at 8 in the first half. He added 13 (27 totals) in the third quarter, in which a 9-0 put the game far enough away (87-70) while three pointers from Bogdanovic (20 points, 6/7 of three), Clarkson (21 points … ). Gobert finished with 20 points and 17 rebounds for a Jazz who are 20-7 and whose revenge was little known by the losses of the Clippers. But they did what they had to do: win.


In San Antonio, the Spurs were overwhelmed (115-131) by the Hornets, who have managed to remain positive (now 16-14) despite their tremendous trance with COVID, which has had them without five important players. These have been returning, and LaMelo Ball is missing, who could return tomorrow. Still without the point guard, the second highest scoring team in the NBA left a recital in Texas: 131 points with 60% in shots and 53% in triples. And 33 assists. Gordon Hayward led the charge with 41 points and 15/19 shooting. Cody Martin added 21 points and 8 rebounds, Miles Bridges 19 + 8 + 8, Rozier 13 points, McDaniels 15 + 10, PJ Washington 12 + 9 + 7…. A tremendous choral exercise for a very good basketball team. And very funny.

The Spurs, with much less success, offered little resistance despite their 25/25 from the personnel line, where they amassed +14 in a game they lost by 16 points. They are 6-9 on their track and 10-17 overall. The best were Keldon Johnson (21 points) and from the bench Forbes (25), in a day in which they needed to throw a lot to produce players like Dejounte Murray, Derrick White and McDermott.

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