Govinda lost his temper after being slapped on the scene, in turn slapping the director.

The fans are very excited to learn about the little stories of the Bollywood industry. This is such an industry, where one gets to hear stories of love, acceptance, and conflict every day. Sometimes someone’s love story starts here, then someone’s fights stay in the headlines for years. Today we are going to tell you about one of those controversies. This controversy is related to Bollywood’s #1 hero Govinda and director Neeraj Vora. After all, what happened between the two, let us tell you.

Whenever Govinda appears on the screen, he entertains people a lot. By now you must have heard a lot of funny stories related to the actor. But can you imagine that Govinda, who is seen in a jovial mood all the time, can also lose his temper? Yes, Govinda lost his temper to such an extent that he slapped the film director Neeraj Vora during the shooting of ‘Run Bhola Run’. In fact, in one scene in the movie, Govinda had to do some high-octane drama with his co-star Aryan Vaid. Aryan was the villain of the movie and he had to hit Govinda.

During the scene, Aryan slapped Govinda hard, in which the actor also slapped Neeraj Vora in front of everyone. During that time it was said in media reports that according to Govinda, this scene was deliberately kept in the film to insult him, at which the actor went into a rage. However, when Govinda was asked about this, he denied it. On the other hand, Neeraj Vora had also denied it without giving any importance to this matter. Please say, Neeraj Vora is no longer in this world. He passed away in 2017.

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