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Government studies creation of a trust to increase food production; would start with a tilapia project

Gobierno estudia creación de un fideicomiso para aumentar producción de alimentos; se iniciaría con un proyecto de tilapias

Given the increased demand for food in the world and in order to contribute to food security in the country, there is a project to set up a food trust to promote the production of at least 20 local products.

It is the “Trust for food sovereignty and the rescue of the agricultural sector, which is in the study and socialization phase, which would be established for a term of 25 years.

The development of this project could contribute to reducing the production costs of food for the basic family basket in the country.

the trust would start with a project to increase the production of tilapia because currently more than 90% of the fish of this type consumed in the country are importedas stated in the project.

The purpose of the trust will be to grant credits for the production of food and infrastructure for the collection, distribution, value addition and marketing of tilapias, basic grains, vegetables, fruits and other products from livestock, poultry, fishing and other subsectors of the agricultural.

The credits would be granted through financial institutions or through the Economic Development Fund, which is administered by the National Export Bank (BANDEX) and Fiduciaria Reservas.

Said entities would have powers of management, administration and monitoring of the trust, says the draft of the decree that would constitute the trust.

The draft indicates that the project was approved and that Bartolomé Pujols, executive director of the Presidency’s Cabinet of Innovation, was appointed to coordinate its constitution.


The trust andwould consist of an amount of US$690 million it wouldn distributed in four stages.

The first stage contemplates a financing of US$40 million to produce 30 million gourmet fresh tilapias in floating cages in the different lakes of the country. In the following stages, the resources would be allocated for the purchase of the required equipment and the construction of the infrastructures.

The president of the Agricultural Cooperative and multiple services of aquaculturists of the Hatillo dam (Coopapreha), José Miguel de Peña, proponent of the initiative, indicated that he has been working on this project for several months.

De Peña explained that the purpose is to produce 10 million tilapia for local consumption and 20 million for export because the market is assured.

Operation and requirements

The project contemplates that the trust would function under the system of organized cooperatives.

To be eligible and be able to access the credits that would be granted through the trust, certain conditions must be met, such as belonging to an authorized agricultural cooperative institution and accepting the support and technical assistance of the Ministry of

Agriculture for the development of the project, among others.

“The lack of experience or credit record in the financial system will not be an impediment to apply for the trust,” specifies the possible decree by which a Board of Directors would be created that would be composed of at least nine members.


José Miguel de Peña specified that this initiative is in the socialization phase, so meetings are being held with different sectors to discuss it and a series of conferences will soon be held for the same purpose.

He indicated that next Thursday the 24th at 10:00 in the morning a pre-conference will be held at the Ministry of Agriculture and that from April 28 to 30 a larger one will be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex).



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