Government says it invested almost RD$700,000 million in infrastructure works in 2022

The director of Media of the Presidency, Federico Reynoso, reported that the Government invested in 2022 an amount of RD$RD$694,742 million for infrastructure works and projects throughout the national territory.

Reynoso assured that this investment covers a total of 965 in the national geography.

The official specified that in the provinces of Santo Domingo and Monte Plata the amount invested is RD$87,839 in 250 works, including the construction of line 2C of the Santo Domingo Metro, Alcarrizo-Luperón section. About the latter he said that it was destined around RD$29,353 millions.

He highlighted that, in the case of Monte Plata, the total investment is around RD$4,100,000 million in 38 works and among which he highlighted the drinking water projects, how the construction of several multiple aqueducts and sanitation, with an investment of more than RD$1,500 Million.

Regarding the Cibao Central region, the official investment is RD$56,769 million for some in 201 works, of whichRD$52,284 million They are executed in Santiago with a total of 109 works for this province.

While in Puerto Plata, the investment is RD$3,636 millionin 61 works, the expansion and rehabilitation of 15 schools, with an investment of more than RD$585 million of pesos.

In the Espaillat province, investment is RD$849 million, in 31 works, among which the construction of the Canca la Reyna funeral home stood out, with an investment of more than RD$15 million.

Likewise, he pondered that in the National District, whose investment is RD$29,191 million pesos in 72 works, such as the expansion of the service of line 1 of the metro, with an investment of more than RD$13,151 million pesos, rehabilitation for the tourist and social development of the colonial city, with an investment of more than RD$4,158 million of pesos.

In the Cibao Norcentral region, the total investment: RD$24,365 million of pesos in 106, of which the province of La Vega stands out, whose investment is RD$18,000 million in 47 works.

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In Monseñor Nouel, the 32 works in progress include an investment 5,025 million pesos, while in Sánchez Ramírez, the investment is RD$1,340 million pesos in 27 works.

The Northeast region adds a total investment: RD$10,261 million in 131 works: which highlight the Hermanas Mirabal province with RD$510 million in 20 works and the Duarte province with RD$ 6,949 million in 45 works.

While in María Trinidad Sánchez, the investment is RD$1,340 million pesos with 35 works and Samaná with RD$1,462 millionin 31 works.

Federico Reynoso assured that in the Northwest Line, the total investment: RD$13,718 million in 99 works, of which Monte Cristi concentrates RD$6,848 million.

In Dajabón, the investment is RD$3,348 millionin Valverde RD$2,410 million and Santiago Rodriguez with RD$1,112 million.

In the East region they are invested RD$9,450 millionin 109 works, of which Hato Mayor receives RD$2,987 million in 18 works; while El Seibo receives RD$1,254 million for 19 works.

The Altagracia has RD$2,110 million for 22 works and La Romana Concentra an investment of RD$1,797 million with 19 works, while San Pedro de Macorís achieves a total investment: RD$1,302 million for 31 works.

In the Valdesia region, the investment of RD$23,103 million in 75 works, of which San Cristóbal receives RD$18,220 millionfor 40 works, while Peravia achieves RD$4,220 millionin 20 works and San José de Ocoa with RD$663 Million and 15 works.

In the El Valle region, the total investment of RD$10,119 million in 107 works, of which Azua achieves RD44,855 million for 40 works, San Juan with RD$2,144 million in 45 works and Elías Piña RD$3,120 million.

In the Enriquillo region, the total investment is RD$59,335 million in 99 works, in which Barahona has RD$49,311 million for 40 works, Bahoruco with RD$2,102 million in 20 works, while the province of Independencia adds RD$3,303 million and Flints RD$4,619 million in 33 works.

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