Government offers support to San Juan tobacco growers and other food producers

As part of the Government’s agricultural and economic development plan for San Juan, The Ministers of Agriculture and of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM), Limber Cruz and Víctor -Ito- Bisonó visited a model farm for tobacco plantations for industrialization and marketing purposeswhich represents a step forward to consolidate the country as the largest exporter of this leaf in the world.

During the tour of the plantation located in Las Matas de Farfán, Minister Limber Cruz stated that the area has 2,500 crops planted and it is expected to reach 10,000 within two years. He also explained that the plan seeks to develop the industrial sector in the province with the installation of tobacco processing factories and thus contribute to the economic development of the San Juan Valley.

Likewise, the Minister of Industry assured that The government is working so that the large industries return to the province of San de la Maguana to generate jobs for the inhabitants of this important agricultural area.

Both officials made a tour framed in the “Industrial Route”, together with the governor, Elvira Corporán, the director of the Council of Free Zones; Daniel Liranzo and the president of the Association of Free Zones of Santiago; Michael Lamas.

Bisono stated that hold meetings with productive sectors to listen to their concerns, proposals and projects with the intention of strengthening the productive chain. “We are following instructions from President Luis Abinader to reactivate the economy of the province of San Juan de la Maguana, and tobacco represents a great opportunity for industrialization,” said the head of Industry and Commerce from Las Matas de Farfán. During the tour of the southern part of the country, Cruz and Bisonó met with members and associates of the Agricultural Cooperative of Multiple Services (Coopfarfan), located in Las Matas de Farfán, where he stated that the government will provide advice on financial education so that they can be part of tobacco marketing. He also visited agro-industrial companies, Sango Agroproducts and Alegría Farms, who, with an investment of US$1.5 million, develop tobacco planting operations and the training of personnel from the Matas de Farfán communities, in order to generate sources of decent employment in the southern region of the country.
The Government will execute a comprehensive development project with an investment of more than RD$4,000 millionwhich will place it again as the top zone in the production of food and agricultural inputs.

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Through the MICM, attention is provided to all commercial sectors that show commitment and support for the development of the Dominican economy. In the same way, it serves to expose the new national producers as an active platform for the revitalization of their trade.

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