On Tuesday, the Dominican Government had a first game of 60 million pesos for the celebration of the first Christmas Sports Festival 2021, to be held from November 26 to December 19 in the 158 municipalities of the country.

The sum was delivered by the Minister of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency of the Republic (Propeep), José (Neney) Cabrera, during a ceremony led by the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, and former athlete Mariano Reyes, advisor to the general secretary of the Dominican Municipal League (LMD), Víctor D ‘Aza.

The Ministry of Sports and Recreation is the main executor of the event, for which it will have the support of the LMD.

Camacho stressed, during the press conference held in Miderec, that the Christmas Sports Festival is designed to bring happiness to child, youth and adult athletes across the nation.

“It will be the first time that an event will begin simultaneously in the 158 municipalities of the country and it is designed for an open category in male and female for athletes and coaches,” said the Minister of Sports.

He explained that the first part of the event will consist of the municipal qualifiers, to continue with the provincial and regional ones, until culminating with the grand final.

“This event will conclude on Sunday, December 19 with a grand finale in Santo Domingo, and during each week the teams will be able to win cash prizes of 25,000; 50,000; 100,000 and 250,000 pesos, which implies that a group could win more than half a million pesos if it prevails in all competitions, ”said Camacho.

It will compete in baseball, category U-12, women’s U-16 volleyball, men’s U-23 basketball, basketball. Camacho revealed that the Government presided over by Luis Abinader plans to institute the Christmas Festival at the end of each year as part of the fixed activities of the national sport.

Neney cabrera

“The provision of these resources is a great effort by the central government and President Luis Abinader, whom we thank for the support he offers to children and youth who play sports throughout the country,” said Cabrera.

The senior official said that the festival will impact more than 75,000 athletes and will become a sports and cultural “great party” in each municipality and municipal district of the country.

“The Government will support this series of events in connection with the month of Christmas. This is an unprecedented event that will directly impact tens of thousands of athletes and that will constitute a way to promote sport and healthy fun, ”emphasized Neney Cabrera.

While Reyes thanked on behalf of the Secretary General of the LMD, D ‘Aza. “We receive these resources with immense joy and we are committed to making them reach athletes from all corners of the country. We applaud this great commitment and the enormous support that this Government offers athletes and the fact that it brings a good Christmas vibe to athletes, ”Reyes said.



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