Government delivers 1,183 property titles in El Pocito – Monte Cristi

He National Degree Plan continues to reach communities throughout the national territory with the delivery of 1,183 property titles in El PocitoGuayubín municipality, of this province.

President Luis Abinader, leading the act, stated that These titles in turn impact more than 4,700 people who today, in an act of social justice, they see a dream come true.

He recalled that with the possibility of accessing formal credit with much lower interest, these families can have resources to develop or improve their businesses and improve their quality of life.

The director of the State Land Titling Executing Technical Unit, Mérido Torres, said that with the issuance of these 1,183 titles, assumed by the Dominican government, “we save the beneficiaries RD$94,640,000.00”, for a minimum of 80 thousand pesos for each property.

He added that next week the titling works will begin in Hato Nuevo, Santo Domingo Oeste and they will also be delivered in Tamayo, Barahona province.

On behalf of the communityRaquel Then expressed the “joy, hope and satisfaction” that they now feel when they are dignified with their property titles.

Addressing President Abinader, he said that “Many promised it but only you made the commitment and fulfilled it.”

electrical works
With an investment of RD$229 millionPresident Luis Abinader inaugurated several electrical works in Las Matas de Santa Cruz.

With the delivery of these works that range from rehabilitation, collection and lighting developed by Edenorte, 5,566 families will benefit and will benefit the residents of Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Buen Hombre, La Playa, Bohío Viejo and Jobo Corcobado.

The welcoming words were given by Governor Nelsy Cruz, where she expressed the importance of the delivery of these works for the demarcation and thanked the president for keeping the province of Montecristi pending.

The general manager of Edenorte, Andrés Cueto, said that these projects constitute a significant change for the residents of this area who, starting today, will begin to enjoy an energy service with greater efficiency and without interruptions.

“We take advantage of the presence of our president Luis Abinader to thank him on behalf of the communities that today enjoy a quality electrical system, which means well-being and development, all thanks to his vision.”

For the execution of these projects, 1,534 posts, 1,489 luminaires, 158 transformers and 104.87 kilometers of medium and low voltage networks were used.

Universal Aloe Free Zone
During his visit, the president, in the company of Governor Nelsy Cruz, toured the aloe production facilities of the Universal Aloe free zone, where he received explanations of the company’s operation.

Universal Aloe SAS has planted 5,000 acres of aloe vera and produces 10,000 gallons of liquid crystal per day to be exported to 152 countries, mostly in Europe and Asia.

Present were the provincial senator, Moreno Arias; the deputy, Rosendy Polanco and the mayors of the municipality, Jesús Jerez; from Guayubin, Manuel Toribio; from Villa Vásquez, Henry Castro and the deputy mayor of Castañuela, Cinthia Jiménez.

Likewise, the executive director of the Coordination Council of the Special Border Development Zone, Erodys Díaz; the deputy director of INAPA, Edison Peralta; likewise, businessmen Takeshi Lukay; Yorman Vazquez; Francisca Estevez; the commodore of Club Náutico de Montecristi, César Hernández and the former senator, Bernardo Alemán.

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